Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eat+Play+Love: Happy Birthday to My Hubs

So my hunk-of-burning-love a.k.a my hubs a.k.a. the hubster celebrated a birthday this week.  Quick fact about us:  I'm a whopping 3 years older than my husband. *insert cougar roar here*  Anyway, we're low key kind of people these days and so I decided to take him out to a nice dinner at a popular resto here in Atlanta called Shout.  Yes, the same Shout that happens to be on Scout Mob at the moment, because that's how I roll.  Plus, hubs finds my fairly new money consciousness/bargain hunting ways quite sexy.  To make a long story short, we had a nice dinner and here are some pics.  By the way, if you're ever in Atlanta, you should check out Shout, it's a really cute spot.  They also have this outdoor rooftop area that is set up cabana-ish and during the spring/summer, it could make you think you've been transported from ATL to Nikki Beach in Miami.  Real nice.

The birthday boy! He feels some kind of way about being splashed across my blog...but I do what I want.

I started out with this really cute (and sweet) pear cocktail. I forgot the name but it was made up of Pear Grey Goose vodka, Pear Schnapps, topped off with moscato.

We started off with calamari.  We love calamari it seems.  This calamari was just oKAY.  Nothing special about it which was quite surprising as Shout also serves sushi and other seafood.  I've had tastier calamari from smaller less fabulous restaurants around town.

Hubs had the "special" of the day a duck breast with brussel sprouts and potatoes.  I forgot the name of the dish or specifically how it was prepared, but those are the components.  It was SPECTACULAR.

I had the blackened Mahi Mahi with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus.  The Mahi Mahi was topped with "crab butter", basically it was tasty, buttery lump crab meat thrown on top.....and it made made me want to slap my momma.  Totally awesome this whole dish.

Hubs wasn't that interested in the dessert offerings, so we decided to have more drinks for "dessert".  Here, I'm drinking the peach sangria.  Quite tasty, I must say.

All in all, it was a nice time.


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubs! Looks like a great birthday dinner! And you looked gorgeous :)

  2. Wishing him a very happy birthday, all the best.

  3. Happy Bday to Hubby!

    Your meals got my stomach growlin!! Looks yummy!!

  4. It looks like you two had fun! BTW, your hair looks amazing! You are seriously my #1 hair idol!!!!

  5. Food looks AMAZING! Happy bday to your hubs!!!

  6. It looks so yummy!!!!! My birthday is tomorrow; I need that duck in my life, ha ha!

    And Nik, you look so beautiful in these pictures! :)

  7. how sweet and everything looks so yummy! HBD to the hubs :-)

  8. That shirt/dress is smashing. Give me the details of the how to's for the night.

  9. What a nice birthday outing! I smiled when I read about him feeling a certain way about being splashed across your blog :)! You both look fab!

  10. ok You can not wear that top and not tell us where it is from!

  11. Thank you everyone!

    As for the shirt, it's Express circa 2001 maybe. It's old, but it's TIMELESS, which is why I've kept it all of these years. ;^)

  12. UM. YOU LOOK STUNNING. your hair is ferocious and i love it. I wish I knew about your blog sooner, I have to go backtrack all your posts now :P



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