Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We've Heard of Xmas in July...

...but I much prefer it to feel like July on Christmas!  Here are just a few snaps.  I didn't get very many pics of myself--I took more pics of "stuff". :)  Hope you all had a nice holiday!

Wore this Xmas day.  Discovered this in the back of my closet.  Haven't worn it it almost 3 years!

Backyard posing.

A persistent little visitor at the Green Parrot on Paradise Island.

Whatever your flavor...
The new building for the straw market.

Handmade wood carvings.

A stall at the Straw Market

Shots! Shots! Shots! (at Sharkeez)
Junkanoo Beach sunset
His little piece of heaven. (at Goodman's Bay)

View of the sunrise from the house.

Street food.

My little man adores the beach.

Montegu dock.  We were here buying fish and conch.
Taking on the Nassau roads...

Me and Cruz.  He's over 5 months now.  Time goes so fast!

We had a wonderful time.  More pics to come of Junkanoo...


  1. I agree, nothing beats Christmas at the beach!!! PS: I like ur pix of "stuff"

  2. Beautiful pics!!!! I wish it could be July all year round!!! By the way your hair looks great!!

  3. Love this post! I so want to be a "beach bum" one day. The island life is so beautiful! Looks like you may have made the move. Congratulations!! What a beautiful family! Adorable children!

  4. Beautiful pics Nik! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! Beautiful! I cannot wait to spend a Christmas at the beach, though I'm sure it'll be quite a few years! The food looks delish! Loved seeing your boy's excitement, ha ha!

  5. BEAUTIFUL & REFRESHING! What a life - cheers:D

  6. I love the pics! I love that maxi dress! I tend to hold on to things too and forget about them until one day...I am glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  7. Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice pics! I wanna pinch the baby's cheeks!!

  9. Will have to try Christmas in warm climate sometime. The dress is lovely. Your boys are precious and the little one just makes me want to have a baby in his baby fat glory!

  10. I so looked forward to your updates. You and your family are so endearing :-) THanks for sharing your happiness with us all.

  11. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing. What kind of camera do you have again?

  12. I used a Canon G12. The pics don't necessarily come out of the camera just like this tho, they've been "tweaked" some.


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