Friday, November 4, 2011

Flashback Friday Anyone?

Since we happened to be on the subject of fitness and health in my last post, I thought I'd share with you all this picture one of my friends posted on Facebook of me when I was in my 8th month of pregnancy.  I ADORE this picture because I think it epitomizes the tone of both of my pregnancies.  I still always had lots of fun, and I was always very much active.  I get a lot of props from people I know because of my "snap back" ability after having my kids.  Most don't realize that I was very much in shape prior to getting pregnant, which makes it A LOT easier to get back down to where one would like to be, and also, I continued to workout and remain active for as long as I could through each pregnancy.  It really is no magic secret to it!  Anyway, hope you all have a slammin' weekend!



  1. So like thank you for breaking that down! In 07' I finally decided that hitting the gym hard had to be a part of my daily routine as well as a few other lifestyle changes and voila! Brianna came in 08'!

    So I totally feel what you say in this post exercise can benefit you in so many ways not just vanity:D

  2. yes you were all belly! so great to stay active. i'm very much inspired by you and hope to bounce back too! being tall helps too. this is a super sweet photo lady...have a great one!

  3. That's the best way of getting them out too! Staying active makes labor easy peasy! Beautiful pic of the boys!!! Sigh, lol. I love the revamp. I'm gonna revamp mine one.more.time. Damn my indecisiveness! Have a great weekend!

  4. lol!! Too cute, girl! I'm praying for the snapback once I have mine :-/ lol

  5. You really do look great. I also worked out up until week 34 of my pregnancy, and I'm nursing, and I'm smaller now than I was before my daughter! Being in shape BEFORE and DURING your pregnancy really does make a difference!


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