Friday, October 14, 2011

Mommy Style Essential: The Crossbody Bag

Left: Cloth crossbody bought from an Indian store in Seattle (<--one of my most fave places ever)
Right: Canvas army green (I'm a fiend for army green, by the way) from Walmart--12 bucks!!!!!

As you could probably assume, after becoming a mother, there are lots of little adjustments a girl must make to her wardrobe.  Moreso, after becoming a mother of two!  I will say, one item I cannot live without are "crossbody" bags.  They come in all kinds of shapes and forms--messengers, saddle bags, fabric Indian sling bags (one of my personal faves), etc.  There are plenty of times when I'm out and about that I need to be able to have access to BOTH of my hands, and the crossbody allows that--all the while allowing me to still look stylish.  Plus, in this day and age, it's just not wise to carry a bag that you may have to sit down (like in a shopping cart) while you tend to other things.  "Sticky fingers" in grocery and department stores have been on the rise here in Atlanta.  Plus, a lot of the cross bodies (especially the fabric kind or the messenger style) allow room for me to toss a sippy cup and/or the baby's bottle into it when I'm just going to be away from the car for an hour or less while shopping.  I mean really, do you really want to lug around a diaper bag when you're just going to be in and out? No.  But you definitely need to have the kid essentials (juice, bottle, snacks) when all hell breaks loose.  Now if something major like a diaper change HAS to be made (i.e., diaper explosion)--I can always go back to my car.  I have an SUV, so the back portion has become my portable changing table on plenty of occasions. I digress...

So these days, as much as I like all of the different styles of handbags available--you'll more than likely catch me wearing a crossbody.

Lucky Brand, Linea Pelle, American Eagle, MICHAEL Michael Kors


  1. This may sound wierd but crossbody bags make me feel more youthful lol I luv having my hands free but still having all my knicknacks

  2. Great point. They do look youthful! That's ALWAYS a good thing! :D

  3. I'm loving the brown messenger bag! This is really timely for me. I have 3 kids and my youngest is 15 months. I've been thinking lately that I don't need to carry the baby bag around anymore that I used when she was an infant. A crossbody messenger bag is just what I need. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Ahhh one of my fav topics! The ultimate bag and the one bag for a new mum or one that's been in the game for a while has to be the cross-body messenger style!

  5. Huge fan of the cross-body bag too! It's a must have not just for moms but for bloggers and reporters too. You can carry with you your notebook, pens, recorder, camera, and business cards but still have your hands free.

  6. I like cross body bags but I do the BIG fashion "no no" and occasionally wear a fanny pouch. Even my 6 year old told me he didn't like it but it's hands free & oh so convenient that I don't care how lame I look wearing it. ;)


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