Monday, August 29, 2011

Leather & Suede

New shoes!

I needed a pair of "updated" pumps for my wardrobe for Fall.  By updated, I mean hidden platform and almond-toe.  I have an old pair of BCBG black pumps that have the super pointy toe with the stiletto heel--pretty outdated. I haven't really bought heels in a while or at least not often, thanks to being a momma.  Momma's trying to get her groove back though.  I thought the suede toe gave this wardrobe staple a nice little twist. Can't wait to wear them out!

Real leather & suede $47.



  1. These are soooo Nikstar! BTW, did you find them at a bargain?

  2. Of course! If it's not a bargain, I'm not getting it. lol I added the info under one of the pics. :)

  3. I am in love! I love a good pump and you have got winner there. Hope they are comfortable, that is a MAJOR plus for me!

  4. They are comfy! The platform makes the heel not feel as high! :)

  5. Lovely and sexy! I love a good bargain too!

  6. Did you order them online? I've been skeptical about ordering shoes online w/o actually trying them on. They're super sexy though!

  7. Thx dolls! Looking forward to posting an outfit with them on!

    Yes, I bought them online. I do about 95% of my shopping online. I recommend if you're a little skeptical of shopping online, shop from places that offer free shipping/returns. So you don't lose anything in the process if you're not happy. A great shoe site like that is!

  8. Those are HOT....I am trying to revamp my entire "shoe" wardrobe! I may have to check these out! I likes!


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