Friday, May 27, 2011

Sometimes You Have To Hit the Pavement!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I luv all things tribal, ethnic, etc. whether it's clothing, jewelry, etc.  I'm drawn to it.  Well, a couple weeks ago, maybe more like 4 weeks ago, I scored a cute pair of "tribal" sandals from Urban Outfitters for the low low price of 10 bucks!  They were on a clearance display and I couldn't pass them up.  Color me happy for the rest of that day, especially seeing as that the only reason I'd gone to the mall in the first place that day was to go to the Apple store to have them look at my beat-up iPhone of which they told me was shot to sh*t. **sidenote: I've since gotten the white iPhone 4 and it is super cute**  Anyway, later in the week, I'd happened to be perusing UO online and saw the very sandals I'd gotten for the low still being sold online at the full retail price!  So the moral of this whole story is--sometimes you have to hit the pavement to find those good deals!

I'm an AVID online shopper.  I prefer it to going to the malls, stores, etc., but I've realized that I may be missing out on some bargains by shopping strictly online--especially, when there are some stores, like TJ Maxx, H&M, Zara, for example, that don't offer online shopping.  It's easy to become this little hermit clutching my credit card peering onto a computer screen. haha  So I've promised myself to get out there, at least a couple times a month and check out what's going on IN THE STORES.

Said shoes:

Hope you have a fun and festive Memorial Day Weekend!



  1. Have a great weekend Nik

  2. I have some sandals VERY similar to those. Hot! :-)

  3. Cute! And what a steal.

  4. r u a Scorpio? You just have very many Scorpio qualities. You are undeniably pretty, earthy, seemingly quiet and reserved, you are creative, skilled with photography. Tell me it ain't so?

  5. Thank you! You described me pretty well--but I'm a Cancer. We're the crabs--in an out of our shell. So yes, I definitely have a "reserved" side. :)

  6. I knew you had to be one of the shell signs. You just have it in you. It's funny what you can pick up through pictures. I usually have a keen sense of picking things up. I love Cancers but they don't love me as much. I like to have fun just like all of the Cancer women I know...just all out have a good time...but not always at the same time as my Cancerians. Peace and love and keep doing the damn thang! Good look!


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