Saturday, January 29, 2011

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” ~Anthony J. D'Angelo

Today is a beautiful day in the A!  Temperatures are above normal and the sun is shining--who could ask for anything more?  And to think, just a couple weeks ago it looked like this outside (yes that's all snow):

My little munchkin.

Anyway, I decided to revisit a style that I haven't done in ages.  Two-strand twists!  I plan to wear these for about a week and then I will undo them for a twistout.  These were done on semi-dry hair.  I will probably wet them in the shower tomorrow, as I like how the water makes them shrink up and gives me nice little corkscrews at the ends of them.  It also makes them look a bit shinier (I will add a pic to this post of them after being rinsed tomorrow.) Here are pics of my twists soaking up the sunshine.  Have a great weekend!

Can you see me now? :)



  1. Aww. I thought u were going to make a yt tutorial on how you did your two strand twists.

  2. Just beautiful! You and your son :-) Love those shades too.

  3. Wow Nik your twists are gorgeous and glamorous! I've been wanting to try this style for a while. I style my daughter's hair in 2 strand twists but dread the thought of the amount of time that it will take to do them on my hair. Your twists look nice and thick and I wonder if mines would look as lush. I hope that you make a video tutorial on how you do your hair in 2 strand twists.

    Barbara of

  4. the twists are beautiful!! whenever i two strand twist my hair they always unravel lol!

  5. I was thinking about putting two strand twist back in also. I haven't worn them in years. Probably 5 years ago. I use to wear them alot back in my early natural stages, so easy, and cute. I use to wear mine for 2-3 wks. I'm working out alot now and these are a great option.

  6. they have gotten so long just beautiful Nik! Your blog is FAB! And your on youtube! very cool. I was thinking about doing some videos too lol

    okay and your little guy is a ham so gorgeous you definitley make beautiful babies thats for sure!!!!!!!!

  7. I would love to see the back! The next time you do a twist set, would you show it from the back?

    I'm a hair cousin. I'm afraid of doing this because I think my parts would show and the set would look a little anemic on me, at least at the scalp. Any tips are appreciated!


I read and appreciate all comments & questions!

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