Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out and About: Little Five Points

This past weekend, me and friend went out to a really popular area here in Atlanta called Little Five Points to take some photos.  "Little Five" is an area well known not only for it's "eclectic" crowd, but also for it's unique shops.  There are so many small boutiques that sell everything you can think of, and not have to worry about seeing someone else in the same thing a day later.  There is also very good vintage shopping.  Scattered amongst the shops and boutiques are fun little eateries as well.  I like to think of it as the Melrose of Atlanta.

Like I'd mentioned, me and my friend were there to take some photographs of her for a future blog that she is working on.  Seeing that I am (in my own mind) a budding photographer, I was quite honored to be asked to take on this task.   We got a lot of great shots.  I also took a couple shots of the atmosphere of Little Five to share with you all.



American Apparel is the only "chain" store in the area.




  1. *sigh* I miss Atlanta right now :-( Can't wait to be back. Great photog skills!!

  2. Great photos, the lighting is perfect. I love little five points. My fiance's parents live of of Ponce and when I go and visit. Little Five is my first stop. I love the vintage shops there. Happy Wednesday!

  3. You're photographic eye is really profound and edgy! I especially love how you daringly took a photo of this woman who's just sitting and waiting. I wonder what she's thinking?

  4. Great shots! Girl, I need the location of that hat shop! Vintage hats are my thing! This is "Diva," by the way.


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