Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prep School...

My style is usually pretty carefree and dare I say "bohemian", but sometimes a girl has to "prep" it up at times.  I had a meeting to attend, so I had to put on some "real" clothes today.  I decided to keep it simple.

Semi-sheer button down top, Forever 21
Pant, H&M
Black suede flats, Steve Madden

Oh, and I'm back to curly.

Just thought I'd share.  :)


  1. Girl, so cute!! LOVE the hair too:-)

  2. Love the look! Your hair is gorgeous! I can't wait for the next hair tutorial!

  3. have the shirt in pink. got it last summer as a cover-up :)Still haven't worn it as a regular shirt.

  4. You look great! loving your blog


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