Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm on Youtube!!

Well, I've finally made my very first video! It's just an intro and I felt hella awkward making it, which I'm sure will fade over time. Anyway, this vid isn't in HD quality. I'm new to all of the video editing, etc. and accidentally took it out of HD. But future videos will be in full HD so that you can get a nice clean view--promise!! Anyway, I plan to post a new video, some hair tutorial perhaps, by this weekend. Let me know what you all would like to see! I also plan to do all kinds of videos, not just hair. We'll see what this video thing evolves into. Bye for now, and take a look...


  1. Nik!!! What the ....I just finish my series of Youtube videos TODAY @ 3:30! Damnit, I think we share a small piece of the same brain! I love you girl! And it's about damn time you got your own live channel! Hugs!

  2. HEY Nik! I just finished building content for my YOUTUBE content! I'm soooo excited that your finally going LIVE! Your always so bubbly and full of life and stuff to say! Hugs!

    your fan - Anarnia

  3. glad to see you with a blog and videos! your hair is gorge!

  4. Hi Nik!
    So excited to start watching your videos ...
    (Gabby AKA nappturalnurse from fotki)
    Love your hair and thanks for sharing ...


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