Friday, August 13, 2010

Hair Fanatic: An Ode to Buns...

First off, just wanted to let you guys know that my pocket HD video camera has been ordered--so I will being doing videos VERY soon!  Yay for me!

Anyway, while I'm waiting on that...I decided to do a quick little hair post on buns.  I'm not going to go into the full shpill on how great they are as a protective style and can be a vital ally in growing hair, etc.  Are they my favorite style?  No.  Do I feel like I'm at my ultimate prettiest when I'm wearing one?  Rarely.  Do I STILL wear them fairly often.  YES.  Why do you ask?  Well, for one, I've let go of the notion that I am supposed to look my ultimate prettiest every single day, which has been pretty liberating.  Now before you think WTF, let me explain.  You know how when it comes to make-up, there is a differential between a "day time look" and a "night time look"?  Well, I apply the same reasoning to my hair. On a day-to-day basis, why should I have hair flowing down my back, or big and curly, etc?  If I do that, then what will I do when I'm getting out on the town and want to look "special".  So, these days I've rationalized in my head (maybe out of convenience. haha) that my hair only "comes out" for occasions, i.e. a night on the town, etc.  Keep in mind, this is pretty easy for me because now that I am a wife and mother of a small child, I rarely do anything spontaneous.  If I'm going out with the girls, I will know a day in advance.  If me and hubby are having a "date night", again, we will know at least a day ahead.  When you have a little one, rarely does a spur of the moment type situation (be ready in 5 minutes!) happen.  Preparations have to be made.  So I always have a chance to take down the bun and do a braidout/twistout, flat iron, or whatever.  Lucky me. haha The plus side to all of this, is that I leave my hair alone for the most part which equals healthier hair.  Of course, when I just get that urge to let my hair out without a reason, I do.  I just wait until I get that urge instead making it an obligatory  thing, which in turn stops me from feeling like doing my hair is chore.

So here are a few pics of my buns in the last couple months.  I will be doing hair tutorial videos soon, as well as all kinds of other types of vids.  Stay tuned.

Done with 3 twists

"high bun" done with flat ironed hair. (bubble gum wall in Seattle, don't ask)

Done with 3-4 braids

The simple "don't quite pull the hair all the way through the holder" bun


  1. Great blog and your tutorials are helpful! Please keep up the great work and I am looking forward to your videos on YouTube... I remember you were one of my first subscribers and so I want to show that same support to you! God bless you <3

  2. I'm a bunner too, and my hair 'comes out' for special occasions and once a week for fun.

    Just found your blog :) diggin it.

  3. When I had longer hair my go to bun was the simple one. I recently did the big chop and when it gets longer I am going to try them all!! Love them all!!! Thanks!!

  4. Hi,

    I love wearing my hair in a bun because it's not time consuming, it's makes for less manipulation of the hair, and it's a quick way to get an elegant look.

    I really enjoyed this post and I you're doing a great job with your blog!

  5. I liked the way you styled your manes. Its quite challenging t do that style isn't it? anyhow, could it have a negative effect on the hair? Just asking though.

  6. Can we please see bun tutorials now the you have a youtube channel:)

  7. I love your shades where did you get them from. Oh and I love the first picture bun. You should do a tutorial...

  8. Thanks! Those shades are from Urban Outfitters. I've seen them on ebay. Just search "swan sunglasses"

  9. Hi there - I recently discovered your blog (linked from The Sartorialist) and have really enjoyed the posts. All of the content is great but I have especially found your hair styling tips super helpful. Do you mind my asking if you do anything special to keep your buns nice and tidy? I also enjoy pulling my hair back, but I'm always stuck having to wear a headband because I have so many short pieces and flyaways that won't stay put. A heavy gel sometimes works, but pretty much ruins any chances of wearing my hair down the next day :)




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