Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hair Fanatic: Going Darker & Braidout

I lightened the top half of my hair last April.  I was ready for a change, I'd thought.  And though, I didn't get my hair as light as I wanted due to using a semi-permanent black hair dye months back, I was pretty happy with the red shade I'd gotten.  Well now, 4 months later, I'm bored again. lol  This time, I decided to make the change temporary because I know that I have a pretty short attention span and will probably want to return to the lighter hair eventually.

Clairol Jazzing #94 Ebony 3 oz.What I used is Jazzings by Clairol.  I used two shades that I had been stashed in one of my beauty drawers for a while.  The colors were Red Hot and Ebony.  I decided to mix the two, which I assumed would make a dark brownish red shade.  I may even use the Ebony by itself next.  I've used Jazzings for many years, and they wash out pretty quickly.  So, using it to get a darker shade will probably wash out over the course of a month, but the subtle return to my original color will give me a gradual change in color that should keep my short attention span satisfied. haha

I finished off with giving myself a braidout.  The products I used are coconut oil, which I apply immediately out of the shower.  Then as I take sections to braid, I apply a shea butter/olive oil blend and then EcoStyling Gel (olive oil).

This time I chose to do cornrow braids instead of box braids.  I do tend to do box braids more often, however.

Braids for braidout

Braids - rear view


Side view

Also, the finished results are after sleeping on the braids overnight, taking them down and then stretching the hair with a warm blowdryer.  I didn't take pictures of my hair straight out of the braidout before stretching.  I realized that after the fact.  Oh well, next time.  Hopefully, I'll be able to show you my method soon on video. Stay tuned!

P.S. Hair rinses give great shine!


  1. This is gorgeous! I absolutely love the color and the braidout! Dream hair!

  2. Pretty hair! I may start experimenting with braidouts soon. Hopefully they won't poof as fast as twistouts.

  3. That was a great hair style you have there, just wondering will it damage the hair strands? If so i have a good remedy to such. I just stumbled upon Dr. Umar's blog post i hope you could take a look at it. Thanks!


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